Saturday, May 16, 2009

Not Just Your Average Dog

The dogs that appear on television and movies such as Lassie, Old Yeller, and Rin Tin Tin, do not behave like the average pooch, i.e.the fluffy, or the sparky that you or I own. These "super dogs" don't seem to act or behave like average dogs or even like dogs at all. They seem to display human emotions like loyalty and love. They also act with human-like intelligence, telling you when they would like to go for a walk. I didn't think they existed in the real world. Instead of having a dog that saves your kid, brings you the newspaper, or that even comes when they are called, we have to settle for the dog who ends up being the family menace. When this is the case, we find ourselves time and time again desperately yelling in efforts to stop them from relieving themselves on the carpet or from chewing on a favorite pair of shoes. I'm sure many people, including myself, have experienced this. I always believed that it was impossible to find that perfect dog that behaves like a "super dog" and is also your best friend until a special Goldiedoodle named Jack came into my life. Jack has changed the manner in which I think about dogs and animals in general. He has also influenced my decision to become a veterinarian. But when I first met Jack, it didn't start off so easy...

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