Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pooch in Peril

I don't remember the specific date on which I met Jack and little did I know about the impact he would have on my life. What I do remember is my mother coming home early from work. I had overheard her talking to my dad about this dog that she brought home. This complicated story was about a friend of one of her coworkers who had children and couldn't keep the dog because she was expecting another baby. So, she had offered up the dog to anyone willing to give him a good home. My mom jumped at the chance because she knew how ecstatic I would be. After I finished overhearing the story, I walked out of my room and there, laying with legs sprawled out on the floor next to my mom, was what looked like a golden lamb. I instantly fell in love. I had a myriad of questions to ask, like what his name was, what breed was he, and how old might he be. My mom told me that his name was Jack, that he was 2-years old, and that he was a "goldiedoodle"--a "hypoallergenic" breed created when crossing a golden retriever and a standard poodle. In my head, I thought he would instantly be my friend because of the natures of his breeds. At first, Jack followed my mom everywhere, and when I tried to become his friend he would turn away and ignore me any chance he could. Eventually, we became the best of buds, and he never left my side. A few months passed and sadly my mom said that we had to give Jack back to the original owners. My heart sank...

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